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‘Pinay Beauty’ according to Chai Fonacier

A film entry to the upcoming Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, ‘Pinay Beauty’ is still relevant in today’s Philippine setting where almost all Filipina women are still into making themselves attractive by getting their skin fair and look like Caucasians.

Two equally talented and funny actors–Guzman and Fonacier are paired in this film ‘Pinay Beauty’.

The film stars the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 best supporting actor (for ‘Deadma Walking’)—Edgar Allan Guzman and Eddys 2018 best supporting actress (for ‘Respeto’)—Chai Fonacier as Migs and Annie, respectively.

The Cebuana actress-writer-singer-songwriter assumed a character who has gotten herself into an aesthetic beauty plan in order to enhance herself and fulfill her ultimate dream to be Snow White in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Her character aims to have fair, smooth skin with fuller breasts like any other Caucasian women.

Contrary to her character, Fonacier is not the type who would do anything just to realize her dreams by earning big dollars and it will only be achieved if she is like those Princess-like Caucasian women she wanted to become.

With her film, she hopes that the audience will learn about, “Self-acceptance, which is the most important. People must learn to trust their friends and family.

“If one has the capacity to love them and trust them to love him or her beyond the definition of beauty as well then that is something.”

Chai sees her latest film opposite Guzman, is a tool to spark discussion.

“I would want it to foster discussion about the complexities of beauty standards in the Philippines. Actually, hindi lang naman ang mga brown-skinned ang nagkakaroon ng pressure even the fair-skinned girls. Where is this pressure coming from?

“I hope this gets discussed at home, in school, or even among friends. What I hope for this film is to help facilitate discussion about what makes people feel awful is to let it out. Discuss it and to begin to understand ‘why we are what we are’, ‘why we view ourselves the way we do’–because self-awareness is a good start, to begin with.”

As a Cebuano, he is proud of how his fellow Cebuanos tell a story. That is something beyond beauty that her second home—Cebu is known for, not just about the beautiful beaches, the delicious food like the lechon (roasted pig), the sweet and spicy chorizos and the sweet mangoes as well.

‘Pinay Beauty: She’s No White’ is directed by Jay Abello and will open in theaters nationwide during FDCP-supported fest from August 15-21.

Also in the cast of the film are Janus del Prado, Nico Antonio, Hanna Ledesma and Mariko Ledesma with the special participation of Amable Tikot Aguiluz VI, Allan Paule, Lou Veloso, Joel Saracho, Richard Somes, and more.

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