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On Spotlight: Jobim Javier as Butch in ‘Heto Na! Musikal nAPO’

Those who watched the all-new, original Filipino musical titled ‘Heto Na! Musikal nAPO!’—the latest co-production of 9 Works Theatrical and Globe Live can’t help but notice the actor who assumed the role of Butch.

He had the spunk and the said show was just his debut in theater. Despite being a newbie, he hasn’t shown any inhibitions in portraying the said character who happened to be one of the original members of the popular Filipino musical group called APO Hiking Society that originated in the campus of Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU).

Jobim Javier is Butch Dans and he’s the love interest of Michelle.


Growing up with the Music of APO.

Being the third child of Danny Javier (the last member who joined the group prior to hitting its mainstream debut), he literally grew up with the music of his dad’s group with two other members—Jim Paredes and Boboy Garovillo.

When he was asked if there was a particular song that stands out for him, he was quick to respond, “I can’t really say that one stands out in particular. Different songs hold unique places in my heart, and I think that’s why I’ll never get tired of listening to them.

Music was a big part of our household for as long as I can remember. It was a big a part of our family as sharing meals, or going on vacations for other families. Good music was never far away, so it’s always been a big part of who I am.”

His Relationship with Danny Javier.

Though he kidded one time that he inherited his mother’s looks and his dad’s musicality; the latter led him to being in a band in his early twenties; but it goes without saying that as an individual, he still honors his father and he stands out without hiding under his dad’s popular shadow.

In fact, on his interest in music, he still credits his dad, “My dad has always encouraged my interest in music. Forming a band just made sense to me. Becoming famous from making music was never a priority for me, so not having any pressure to ‘make it’ as a musician made being in a band one of the most purely enjoyable experiences of my life.”

He painted a scenario of happy growing up years as he looked back and described his relationship with Danny, “We have a very good relationship, we’re close, and we bond deeply over music. I’m very fortunate to have grown up with a father who shares such deep insights into music with me.”


From Band, to Airwaves and Onstage.

According to him, he got into music because he hated math and music is just something that comes naturally to him. In high school, he learned to play the guitar, started writing music and learned how to sing. One day, he discovered that he had this whole musical side of him that he never knew about.

Javier posed with his co-male lead stars in ‘Heto Na! Musikal nAPO!’. (L-R): Javier, Alfritz Blanche, Jef Flores, Vyen Villanueva, Jon Abella and Jep Go. Photograph courtesy of Kathy Rivera.

As self-taught singer and guitar player, and like his character in the musical, he fell in love with a girl and that’s where his passion came about; and she eventually became one of his best friends. He looked back and describes his band days as, “Being in a band was just something a lot of us were doing back then. I started my first band in high school, and the second in college.

“I was the lead singer in a four-piece unfortunately named Milagro, and we disbanded after a few years when we all started getting jobs. T’was more about just going out with friends and having fun.”

But prior to stepping into performing onstage, he is the familiar voice behind ‘All Good Radio’ on Jam88.3. His new-found conquest, the stage, he compares it to ‘not wanting to let anybody down’.

The Onstage Butch meets the Real-life Butch. Javier had a moving moment with Butch Dans, a former member of APO Hiking Society. Photograph courtesy of Jep Go.

“There’s definitely more pressure and more of an urgency to always bring your A game to the table.”


Him as Butch, the love interest to Sab Jose.

Onstage via this light-treated, but has real drama production, he is paired with his brother’s best friend—Sab Jose.

Javier and Jose performed during the media launch of the said musical. Photograph courtesy of Kathy Rivera.

There was awkwardness at first, but he admits that Sab has been instrumental in making him feel comfortable, reassuring him when doubts settle in, and helping him with the depth of her experience and expertise.

“It really helped to have a familiar face in such an unfamiliar environment.”

He tries to flesh out his character, “I play Butch, the campus ladies’ man who falls in love with a woman who is already in a relationship. Who hasn’t been there? It’s been so much fun stepping into his shoes every day.

Javier in an intimate moment with Jose from the ‘Heto Na! Musikal nAPO!’ Photograph courtesy of Kathy Rivera.

“I think my character’s arc is relatable to a lot of men my age, in terms of questioning whether or not to settle down, addressing questions of commitment and generally maturing in how you deal with relationships. I found Butch very relatable in that way.”


What does He think about the Musical?

He is thrilled to perform via musical theater especially the music being used to tell a story is based on APO’s songs.

Jobim Javier is Butch.

“I’d heard APO songs done so many ways over the years, to hear their music interpreted in such a fresh, beautifully done was really exciting for me. They marriage between the story and the music is perfect.

“I think it’s as much about how different things were back then as it is how universal some experiences are. That’s a powerful message, especially in the context of Martial Law.”


The 27-year-old radio DJ-turned-stage actor considered music as his currency.

For him, sharing music is a very intimate way of communication, “It says so much about a person. There’s so much subtext going on there that people don’t normally get through conversations.”

Being on radio, he also has this realization that one must not be scared to challenge one’s self in order to get somewhere. He wanted to make a point that with his stint on air, he is able to impart something especially to those who belong to his age bracket—that they should have good work ethic[s]. For him, he is just a typical guy, blessed with an opportunity to have a job that allows him to work to live and not live to work.


Catch Jobim on the ‘Eto Na! Musikal nAPO!’ remaining shows at Maybank Performing Arts Theater on August 11-12; 17-19; 24-26, at 8:00pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; 3:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

For tickets, contact TicketWorld at (632) 891-9999.

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