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‘Kung Paani Hinihintay ang Dapthapon’: A Film on ‘Coming to Terms’ with One’s Self

Indeed, getting older makes no one wiser, but by the number of lessons learned, as the book author, Toba Beta of ‘Master of Stupidity’ had put it.

A  film that tackles about the last years of old people in ‘Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon’ is a film written by John Carlo Pacala and directed by Carlo Enciso Catu with Dante Rivero, Menggie Cobarrubias, and Perla Bautista as lead stars. It also stars Romnick Sarmenta.

Three veteran actors in the film ‘Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon?’ (L-R): Bautista, Rivero and Cobarrubias.


Teresa (Bautista) and Celso (Cobarrubias) is an unmarried couple trying to survive their mundane elderly life. On the night of their anniversary, they received a phone call from Teresa’s estranged husband Benedicto (Rivero) who is ill and asking for care. The couple went out of their way to attend to his needs in the remaining days of his life, even seeking for the forgiveness of his son Chito (Sarmenta).

It is actually about the coming to terms with all the things that a man has done in his lifetime before facing death. The theme of the film is nothing new, but it is something relevant, may strike as personal but still universal in its message.

In 2009, a film ‘Fuchsia’ by that was written by both Joel Lamangan and Ricardo Lee, directed by the former and its screenplay was created by the latter. In 2016, also via Cinemalaya, the three-act play of Rene O. Villanueva’s ‘Hiblang Abo’ had its film version that was directed by Ralston Jover and written for screenplay by Nanding Estrella and Jover.

Now on its last day of exhibition during Cinemalaya 2018 run. Catch the film by checking its schedule, here.

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