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‘The Maid in London’ tackles Real Situations of Undocumented Immigrants abroad

Filipino women in the world, especially in Hong Kong were once depicted as domestic helpers as published on a textbook titled ‘New General Studies P3’, and it showed an illustration sketch of a dark-skinned Filipina saying: “I am a Filipino. I am a domestic helper in Hong Kong.” Apart from that, back in 1994, when the ugly campaign against undocumented immigrants and was too big in the US—it is one sad reality that most Filipinos who wished to seek greener pastures abroad end up as TnT’ (which is short for ‘Tago ng Tago’) and is the struggle that the main lead in the film ‘The Maid in London’ had gone through.

On Wednesday, July 4, the film will premiere in cinemas nationwide with Andi Eigenmann (after a hiatus in Baler, Aurora for the whole period of summer) as the lead star together with Ms. Rina Reyes, Ms. Janice Jurado, Matt Evans, Polo Ravales, Alexis Navarro, Star Orjaliza and Joshua De Guzman. The film is based on the book written by BL Panganiban titled ‘Tago ng Tago (TNT)’ and is directed by Danni Ugali.

In the film, Eigenmann is paired with two actors—Evans and Ravales. The film reunites her and Matt after they did an afternoon soap on ABS-CBN Kapamilya network, the one with Sylvia Sanchez-starrer—‘The Greatest Love’. Both play as couple with two kinds, but due to hardships in life, the former is forced to seek help from Ravales’s help.

A Film based on BL Panganiban and directed by Danni Ugali

Andi Eigenmann stars as Margo, a woman who is willing to do everything just to provide a good future for her family especially her two kids. She went abroad and worked as a domestic helper, but is an undocumented immigrant in London.

Posted by Jude Cartalaba on Saturday, June 30, 2018

Loosely-based on true events, Margo (Eigenmann), a loving daughter, who is willing to do anything just to provide a better future for her loved ones; she chased after her dreams by going with her friend Faye (Navarro), they became undocumented immigrants in London. Each day, fear is catching up with them as they continue to go on hiding from immigration authorities. Margo and Faye are just some of those who chose to earn their keeps abroad as domestic helpers even if they are illegal in a foreign land.

In an article on, it mentioned: “Migrant domestic workers are some of the most vulnerable groups in terms of human trafficking and labor violations.

“In a study of Kalayaan as of 2010, a London-based organization is helping domestic workers with about 17,000 migrant domestic workers (MDW) enter the UK yearly. Eight in 10 migrant domestic workers (MDW) in Britain come from the Philippines and almost all of them (85-percent) are women. Aside from the undocumented Filipinos, domestic workers have the lowest income and lowest standard of living among Filipinos in UK.”

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