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9 May 2018 Comments (0) Views: 513 FilipiNEWS

Zaijian Jaranilla: The Newest ‘Bagani’

The vacated slot of one of the Baganis is already filled in by former star of ‘My Bukas Pa’Zaijian Jaranilla, ending the speculations that Sofia Andres as Mayari will return in the series. He took on the powers that were once entrusted to the female Bagani who got killed by Sarimaw (Ryan Eigenmann) in one of the epic battle in the said controversial fantasy-drama show.

Despite the efforts of the fans requesting for Andres to be back; it seems that the management and the creatives have already made a major decision–to install a replacement to the dead Bagani. Due to unfortunate events, Jaranilla as Liksi is able to possess the power of Kataw (Ahron Villena). Thus, theories continue that Mayari is just stuck in another world and will resurrect when the right time comes.

Jaranilla’s character may have not originated from the ‘Taga-Laot’ region; since he is a slave from the ‘Taga-Kalakal’, he still wished to be a Bagani someday. His admiration toward the Baganis, especially with Lakas (Enrique Gil); as well as his motivation have earned him the privilege and the responsibility to become one of the chosen warriors of Bathala (Diether Ocampo).

Having him as the new Bagani proved that the chances of resurrecting Mayari‘s character is too slim. Will this series follow suit on how death is being portrayed in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ that those who physically died (not those who just disintegrated) will never be alive, ever again?

Based on AGB Nielsen‘s ratings, the fantaserye is beaten by its rival series of Kapuso network–‘Kambal Karibal’ that managed to score 12.3%. Will Zaijian’s transformation as a Bagani pull the ratings from 12.0% to a higher one?

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