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Kriesha Chu: A Fil-American making waves as a K-Pop Star in Korea

Almost two years now, the Filipino-American Kriesha Chu impressed the Korean audience when she took her shot during the auditions of the Korean reality show—‘K-Pop Star’. Recently, she signed a contract with Star Music on May 11.

Chu, who migrated to the US with her parents when she was still two years old. She’s a self-confessed fan of K-Pop music and it was only around her high school studies at Oakland School for the Arts in the Vocal emphasis; that her dad suggested that she should take a shot at going in that direction. She tried auditioning a couple of times and eventually got scouted by Urbanworks Co. and became a trainee.

From then on, she shares, “I never imagined taking this route in my life or the impact it has had on my life so far.”


How it all began?

Kriesha Chu's audition at 'K-Pop Star Season 6'

A Fil-Am singer Kriesha Chu's auditioned at K-Pop Star's Season 6.Along with Kim Hye-rin and Kim So-hee (Kwins), Kriesha were the runners-up to Park Hyun-jin and Kim Jong-seob (Boyfriend).

Posted by Jude Cartalaba on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Prior to being signed with Urbanworks, a Korean Agency, the 19-year-old originally hails from the Philippine’s Queen City of the South—Cebu. She was scouted by the company while she was in San Francisco, California, USA.

Chu recalls her love for music, “Actually for becoming a singer, it has been something I’ve been wanting to do since I was little. I grew up singing at church, school, choirs, fundraisers, festivals, competitions, and bands.

“Also, when I was two years old, I grew up watching Filipino teleserye and programs as well as listening to several OPM artists. Some of the artists Iistened to were Regine Valesquez, Aiza Seguerra, Nina, Kyla, and Sarah Geronimo. Their ability to move people with their powerful voices inspired me a lot. And that’s only to name a few! One of my favorite artists at the moment would be Moira Dela Torre.”

She was able to join the season 6, the last season of a South Korean reality TV competition series where three entertainment and talent agencies in the said country held worldwide auditions to find the next potential K-Pop stars.

“I was already training under my current company Urbanworks when it was announced that the last season of ‘K-Pop Star’ would be held, this time also accepting those who were already signed under companies. So me and my company talked about how it would being a good idea to come out on an audition program.

“Because it would be a chance to challenge myself, become more passionate about what I am doing, as well as get a chance to learn and receive critic from experienced judges of some of the top korean music companies.”

Along with Kim Hye-rin and Kim So-hee (Kwins), Kriesha were the runners-up to Park Hyun-jin and Kim Jong-seob (Boyfriend).


Open to Exploring More Stuff.

Being a K-Pop artist herself, she admits that she is inspired by a variety of artists and several different styles but to name a few inspirations in the K-Pop industry and that is the former SISTAR member Hyorin for her voice and confident stage performances and IU for her dedication and ability to express herself in her song compositions.

But, for a fellow Filipino artist, she also admires, “I also look up to Sandara Park to motivate me and keep me determined on my journey.

“I would be be honored to be able to work with the Filipino artists that inspire me. I especially want to work with Juris and Aiza Seguerra. I really admire their style and they way they sing.”

Other than singing, she learned piano and the guitar when she was young and she played the clarinet in school.

“I have been focusing on singing since then and I would also like to get into writing music and composing songs myself. I actually helped compose and write one of the songs on my latest album—‘Like Paradise’ via my single called ‘Sunset Dream’. I think it’s a good start and I want to learn more and write more songs in the future as well.”


Remains a Humble Cebuano.

Even with her success across the shores, Chu, Kriesha Ziskind Teo Tiu in real-life believes, “I still have a long way to go and that this is just the beginning for me.

“I feel that I have already learned a lot just by taking my first steps.”

Even though she lived in America she has not forgotten her roots, her family went back to the Philippines, almost every year, usually during the Sinulog festivals or Christmas time.

Part of the reason for going back so much was to help with a non-profit charity foundation that her family helped put together back then.

Philippines would always be a place she holds dear in her heart with some fondest memories she has.

“Having most of our family back in the Philippines, it’s really nice to be able to see them a lot and spend the holidays with them. My favorite part is walking along the beach in the province and eating pan de sal with soda!”


When asked if she’d be open to do musical theater someday, she says, “Musicals definitely require skills in acting which I know I still have yet to practice.”

Though she isn’t closing her doors for the possibility of venturing into the said field, she still want to pursue, “At the moment I want to be more involved in singing and maybe writing my own music but I’m open to doing them in the future.”

And to those who feel like they haven’t started their beginning yet, she  just want to tell them, “Don’t be afraid to go for it. Because the worst that can happen is regretting not going for it. And while you’re on your journey you learn a lot about yourself and realize that you are capable of more than you thought you were. And you grow as a person.”

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