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Cannes Classics to feature a French-Filipino Film that stars Gloria Diaz, Bembol Roco, Philip Salvador, Joel Lamangan

On Monday, May 14, at the 71st Cannes Film Festival, a restored version of the 1982 French-Filipino movie ‘Cinq et la peau’ (Five and the Skin), starring the country’s first-ever Miss Universe 1969–Ms. Gloria Diaz along with other Filipino actors Bembol Roco, Philip Salvador and master filmmaker Joel Lamangan will be screened at Cannes Classics.

The film was entirely shot in the Philippines and was featured in the Cannes’ Un Certain Regard 36 years ago.

Five and the Skin tells the story of Ivan (Féodor Atkine), a writer who returns to Manila aimlessly wandering from one encounter to another in the metropolis in search of himself.

The film also featured Stella Ruiz-White, a former international fashion model and an actress-singer, a musician, concert producer-entrepreneur. Also in the cast is the late, Ms. Rosario ‘Chat’ Silayan, the third runner-up in the Miss Universe 1980.

Féodor Atkine is with Eiko Matsuda who played Mari.

Pierre Rissien, the film’s director, whom they call the ‘Man of Cannes’ passed away on May 5; days before where he was supposed to introduce the film during Cannes Directors’ Fortnight. He is a Cannes Adviser, an influential Cinephile and Cannes Film Scout before he died.

Rissien was also a known supporter of Philippine Cinema and is responsible for a number of Filipino films making it to Festival de Cannes, including Lino Brocka‘s ‘Insiang’. He also visited the Philippines to attend several of FDCP‘s events, the last event being the World Premiere Film Festival in 2016.

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