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5 April 2018 Comments (0) Views: 401 FilipiNEWS

‘Cheese’ and ‘Chocolata’ in ‘Almost a Love Story’

Both Derrick Monasterio and Barbie Forteza have worked together in the past via their TV series on GMA Kapuso Network’s—‘Tween Hearts’, ‘Luna Blanca’ and ‘Half Sisters’; but after two years, they are reunited in a film ‘Almost a Love Story’, which is directed by Louie Ignacio. Shot just before Christmastime in Tricase, a town in the province of Lecce, part of the Apulia (traditionally Salento) region of south-east Italy.

Shooting in a foreign land like this side of Italy is reminiscent of Santorini in Greece; a perfect setting for the friendship between Luigi and Baneng (played by Monasterio and Forteza) that blossomed into a different level of affection—and that is love. The film tackles the long-distance relationship of two childhood friends under the care of their two Filipina mothers (both played by Ana Capri and Lotlot de Leon).

'Almost a Love Story'

Stars Derrick Monasterio and Barbie Forteza with Lotlot de Leon and Ana Capri. Directed by Louie Ignacio and produced by BG Productions International.

Posted by Jude Cartalaba on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Perhaps, what makes this romantic film ‘different’ from other love stories is the dynamics of Luigi and Baneng’s friendship as well as the friendship of their moms.

Derrick and Barbie shared that due to the frequency of them working together; both developed ‘feelings’ toward each other. She mentioned that the former courted her and she almost said ‘yes’ to the Kapuso hunk. Thus, the romance could be fitting for their current film’s title. As friends in real-life and in the film, both agreed that friendship and the fondness for each other could be good foundation[s] for a lasting romantic relationship.

Since Filipinos and Italians have one thing in common aside from being close to families; the love for food is evident; thus, while doing the film in Italy, Monasterio and Forteza were asked what particular Italian food they could remember and will treasure. He was quick to reply ‘cheese’ while she finally tasted an authentic ‘chocolata’.

The film is produced by BG Productions International of Ms. Baby Go in cooperation with Salento Cinema of Italy and GMA-7 to be distributed by Regal Entertainment Incorporated. It is set to open on Wednesday, April 11 in cinemas nationwide.

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