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PANGAEA is Another Universe to watch out for!

After Marvel has successfully created its own ‘multiverse’ consisting of thousands of separate universes, all of which are the creations of Marvel Comics; a Filipino production takes pride in launching PANGAEA, a supercontinent.

Based on the planet’s 3.5 billion-year history, several super continents have formed and broken up. And because of such, it has dramatically altered Earth’s history. Instead of having one massive continent and was surrounded by a single ocean—it became seven.

This is the latest venture of BluArt Productions and ProMovi Studios, Inc.

shares this interesting story about the legend of #PANGAEA and the #Waringans…

Posted by Jude Cartalaba on Friday, February 23, 2018

According to the legend of PANGAEA, powerful beings co-inhabit with the mortals and they are known as the WARINGANS. They help humans to maintain balance in every form of life in the surface of the earth. But as time passed by, mankind have turned into ungrateful lots and have taken for granted and forgotten the goodness of the Waringans. And because of what the human attitude have turned into —the Waringans wanted to annihilate them.

Bona Fajardo, the filmmaker thought of this ambitious concept but an admirable project, which intends to showcase Philippine mythology.

The story is currently developed for a couple of platforms—for a series on television, a film, a graphic novel and all.

What is worth watching out for is the novel attempt to re-educate the millennials and the Generation Zers about the Waringans as the modern-day heroes.

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