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ToFarm introduces 2 of its Film Finalists in this year’s Fest

The agriculture-driven and centered film festival spearheaded by Universal Harvesters Incorporated’s executive vice-president—Dr. Milagros Ong-How as the chief advocate along with the master, internationally-acclaimed and multi-awarded director—Maryo J. Delos Reyes as the festival director are proud to present two of the six film finalists—‘Kamunggai’ and ‘What Home Feels Like?’

Official poster of ‘Kamunggai’. Image courtesy of #ToFarm.

The first film titled ‘Kamunggai’ (‘Malunggay’ in Tagalog) follows the story of Lolo Peping, at 65 tries to befriend a 10-year-old boy named KenKen and titled . The latter being abandoned by his mom, Lolo Peping is compelled to look after the lad who turns his brother’s grandson. Through the miracles of ‘malunggay’ which is known to be Moringa Oleifera (its scientific name) it will pave the way for both the old man and the boy to discover and rediscover the benefits of companionship.

Like the ‘malunggay’—not all are fond of it as a powerhouse of nutritional value, but because of such—it allows to strengthen the ties and relationship between the two leads. Shot in Mindanao, the light comedy-drama screenplay is penned and directed by Vic Acedillo Jr. could very well be described as deliciously funny.

Meanwhile, the audience will be able to understand the longings of a father and former seaman, Antonio. This is where the story revolves around.

Official poster of ‘What Home Feels Like?’ and the image is courtesy of #ToFarm.

‘What Home Feels Like’ is written and directed by Joseph Abello and is a family drama story about a man who becomes sentimental about the years he has spent working abroad and losing his family in the process—his kids are leaving and his wife is used to living without him. Despite his (Antonio) efforts of holding together his family—he realized the ‘trade-offs’ he had in working away from his loved ones just to provide a better and comfortable life.

The film features two equally great stars—Bembol Roco and Irma Adlawan.

To date, apart from Ong-How and Delos Reyes, there are three other names who compose the festival’s committee are Rommel Cunanan as program director, Ruby Pascual as progarm development officer and Ianne Oandasan as supervising producer.

To know more about the festival, log on to ToFarm Film Festival official website.

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