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7 May 2017 Comments (2) Views: 760 FilipiNEWS

Daly City Government commends TFC’s Homecoming

On Friday, May 5, a special Certificate of Commendation was conferred to ABS-CBN International/The Filipino Channel (TFC) at the City Hall Council Chambers by The Daly City government headed by Mayor Glenn Sylvester. Mayor Sylvester specified that the commendation recognizes TFC’s grand opening in Daly City, which is known to have its major population, consists of Filipinos.

The Certificate of Commendation from the Daly City Government. Photograph courtesy of Pia Lopezbanos-Carrion.

Sylvester also said, “We are so happy for ABS-CBN to come back and we say ‘Welcome home’.”

ABS-CBN North America managing director Olivia de Jesus expressed her gratitude at the commendation, “We at TFC are so honored to receive this commendation from Mayor Sylvester and the rest of the Daly City government, this early in our stay at our new home – really in the heart of the Filipino community.  We are inspired and looking forward to partnering with this wonderful, dynamic community as we move forward into TFC’s 25th year. Thank you for your warm welcome.”

Special cameo appearance from scratch legend – DJ Qbert (center) of Thud Rumble added to the flavor of ‘TFC: Home in Daly City’. Photograph courtesy of Jeremiah Ysip.

TFC’s grand opening and office blessing on April 12 this year was heralded with a video dubbed as ‘TFC: Home in Daly City’ as it captured the sights and sounds of the City. DC officials lauded the video and excitedly shared the link on their respective social network accounts after the video’s global premiere on Adobo Nation on Sunday, April 23.

Chairman Eugenio Lopez III of ABS-CBN board of directors declared, “Daly City is really the first stop for a lot of migrants. And so, I think we can bring our brand of public service with the Daly City government… and I think we can be a significant and constructive member of the Daly City community. We’re happy and excited to be here.”

The homecoming-of-sorts cements TFC’s dream to be where Filipinos are. According to ABS-CBN Global Chief Operating Officer Raffy Lopez, “We have always wanted to be where the Filipinos are, where our customers are.

“We feel this is the perfect location because we want to engage and interact with the local community.” Lopez added, “Even though we launched our first TFC service here 23 years ago, our office was not here. So now, for our office to be in the heart of Daly City, not only is it coming full circle, but it’s a milestone marking the beginning of a new era.”

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